Jacobs-Jenkins/Tropicana Project (working title) a Creative Capital Project 2016 : A My Dinner With Andre-style debate with compare-and-contrast performances delivered throughout, The Jacobs-Jenkins/Tropicana Project touches on how art relates to history and history relates to art, updating it through the artists’ personal histories and experiences. While the two artists share a number of aesthetic and thematic concerns—identity, belonging, the nature of history and storytelling—the work that they make and the context in which they make it could not be more different. Since the 80s, Carmelita has worked on the fringes of a “mainstream,” which has very little room for queer artists of color, whereas Branden, whose works have appeared at The Public Theater, has directly profited from funding structures geared towards the encouragement of “minority” voices, something virtually unheard of 25 years ago. 

Jacobs-Jenkins/Tropicana Project - Creative Capital link

Memories of the Revolution
The First Ten Years of the WOW Café Theater (nominated for a Lambda Literary Award 2016) 
 Holly Hughes, Carmelita Tropicana, and Jill Dolan, Editors
Scripts, interviews, photos, and critical commentary documenting the riotous beginnings of this long-lived experimental theater space for women
Memories of the Revolution - The University of Michigan Press link

Performance at The Highline 
Out of Line, Carmelita Tropicana Thursday Aug 25, 9:00 pm
Performance at The Highline link